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Dennis Publishing are a dynamic, leading, multi award winning 21st century media company. They are independently owned and the 6th largest consumer magazine publisher.

The company’s portfolio contains over 30 brands, covering a wide range of specialist subjects including Fitness, Technology, Current Affairs, Lifestyle and Automotive. Dennis reach over 40 million unique users and sell over 2 million magazines every month.

Founded by Felix Dennis the company is now uniquely run for the benefit of the Heart of England Forest. The Heart of England Forest is a Charity which owns Dennis and benefits from the profits.

The new space is 31/32 Alfred Place in Fitzrovia London, the building will become their new head office for Dennis Publishing. As part of the project Dennis wanted to implement a more agile workplace strategy, Create assisted Dennis with determining the parameters for the agile working strategy which included holding change workshops with the business representatives. Collaboration, cross departmental knowledge share and interaction were key drivers for working in a different way and were promoted through the business as part of the process to move to new ways of working.

Another specific project goal was to reset the values and culture of the business now and for the future. Cool and impactful features were designed and introduced. Points of interest were created for staff and visitors alike and throughout the building there are key and memorable features.

The new workplace is flexible and provides room for growth, seamlessly and fluidly, integrating simple technology solutions across the spaces.

Who are we?

Founded in 2012 by Lucy Abbott, Create is an interior design studio working predominantly in London and the home counties.

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